Guarding Tess

A comedy beyond the call of duty.

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Hugh Wilson
Release Date
11 March 1994
Doug is a Secret Service Agent who has just completed his stint in charge protecting Tess Carlisle—the widow of a former U.S. President, and a close personal friend of the current President. He finds that she has requested that he not be rotated but instead return to be her permanent detail. Doug is crushed, and—after returning—wants off her detail as she is very difficult to guard and makes her detail crazy with her whims and demands.
A comedy beyond the call of duty.
Nicolas Cage, Shirley MacLaine, Austin Pendleton, Edward Albert, James Rebhorn, Richard Griffiths, John Roselius, David Graf, Don Yesso, Brant von Hoffman, Harry Lennix, Susan Blommaert, Dale Dye, James Handy

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